A Little About Me & Some Rambling

Well, I did it.  I think.  I finally got around to publishing my first blog post.  If you could see me as I type this right now this is gizmo panic

what you would be seeing.  Yep, full on blown panic attack.  For whatever reason it seems I have been destined to be a fairly solitary person, regardless of my choices, so panic in sues when I expose myself in even the slightest degree.  (Always have been over sensitive.  I wish I had thicker skin like Kathy from Vodka and Soda  .)

  Luckily, I am not a Mogwai and I can eat after midnight.  Otherwise I’d probably be the my town’s early thirty something red headed, single drunk.  Well, maybe that is not a bad thing.  In town of fewer than 3,000 people the gossip gets old and when I moved into the two years ago, well, that got the hounds a howling – aka blue haired ladies and crusty lumberjacks.

  I truly have no idea what I am doing in this blogosphere.  I was told it would be a way to get my story out into the world.  Oy vey.  Months from now if I am able to maintain this blog here I am going to have to ask Helene if she still thinks it was a good idea for me to start this blog.  She was so kind listening to me talk about my rare illness, but I never even broached the hard subjects of where my little family went.  To sad, besides we had a task at hand and that was to help raise funds to help fight a rare neurological illness that I have been diagnosed with and preparing for surgery in two weeks.

  So, I have no idea how to set an “About Me Page” up.  I apologize for that.  Now that I have rambled on I guess I should make a list of some key points of myself that you might find interesting about me.

  1. Early Thirty Something
  2. Single
  3. Red Hair (and I swear red hair is a race all by itself)
  4. I hate temperatures above 85 degrees (and direct sunlight)
  5. I’ll choose cheese over chocolate any day.
  6. I’ll choose steak over chicken any day.
  7. Maple Syrup is meant to be poured over sausage.
  8. I can speak German and Quebecois (Trust me, there is a difference and you will be told)
  9. Speaking of foreign lands – I’ve lived in Germany, Brazil, and Canada (yep, neighbours I count you as a distinct country)
  10. I never played soccer, but I took years of figuring skating lessons and cross country lessons.  If this crazy Aussie gets across the pond I am totally giving her ski lessons and if it is summer time well they operate the bobsled track even in the summer.
  11. I love the mountains & lake and the New England coast line.
  12. I’m perfectly content rocking on the front porch smelling a freshly cooked dinner.  (Oh, can I cook.)
  13. I always thought the I would fall in love with a Scot or an LL Bean man, but instead I fell for a southerner (and I fell hard – like triple session with the therapist because I questioned with every fiber of my being who the hell I was).
  14. These last couple years have been a roller coaster of not feeling well.  I was finally diagnosed with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension aka Pseudotumor Cerebri.  I’ll be undergoing a clinical trial surgery in a little less than two weeks, so lets all cross are fingers and what not.
  15. What is bigger than experimental surgery and that might shock you to your very core ?  I’ve never taken selfie. Yes, read that again.  I have never taken a selfie even though I am in that odd age of being stuck between Gen X And Millennials.  I might be convinced to take some selfies during my recovery period after surgery if you could even be so kind to just spread the word.

Well, I think that I semi-successfully managed to write my first blog post.  Here is to hoping I can continue, figure out how to do a proper about me page, and fill out that side widget listing all the wonderful blogs I read on a daily basis.  There truly are some great ladies out there walking all different types of paths.  At the end of the day we just need to remember everyone is walking a different path, good or bad, whether they choose it or not they have to walk it.  Compassion my friends.


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