These Bloggers Saved My Sanity While I Was Waiting For A Diagnosis

I wanted to share with everyone some of my favorite bloggers that I try to read on a daily basis.  Right now, instead of listing all of the blogs that I try and read on a daily basis I thought I would share with you the first few that I discovered when I was first taken sick, but yet undiagnosed.  I don’t know how I stumbled upon the blogging world (I’m still astonished I am blogging), but it gave me great comfort to escape and read about things I loved – travel, food, hockey, healthy living, and just good old sarcastic humor.  I wasn’t getting much of that when I was in bed for months at a time.

  Reading these blogs kinds of made me feel like this


We Took The Road Less Traveled  Delight in Casey’s beautiful European photo’s (see if you can find the one where her husband is mimicking a Greek God on their Mediterranean Holiday), get some facts on living in Germany as an US military family, and if that wasn’t enough let me not forget to mention they were just stationed in mere minutes from the Ocean in Florida and have already been going a tad bit Disney overload.  Oh, well you can’t expect nothing but sweetness from a gal whose father works for Krispy Kreme.

What’s Up, Ya Sieve  What can I say about this blog.  Oh, how these New England hockey loving women have stolen my heart, made me laugh at the most inappropriate times, and I can only imagine that these two women would have been my best friends growing up in the eighties in Lake Placid (serious Cold War hockey action ladies).  This isn’t your average girly fan sport page.  They know their sh*t.  They will tell it to you like it is all while still giving you a playoff beard rundown, the best NHL player workout video ever – Brooks Laich -, and ponder the ever deep mystery of why Sydney Crosby can not buy pants that fit properly.

Oh, The Places We Will Go  This is an expat blog written by a sweet Texan named Selena.  She relocated to London when she fell in love and married Matt (who somehow – in the best of ways – adorably comes across as 100% British when he guests posts on the blog and tells of his adventures of traveling to approximately 100 countries).  Selena, takes the best photos of her travels, hosts impeccable London Blogger Afternoon Teas (that are then blogged about by all in attendance), she’s a straight shooter (not Texas gun style, more along the lines of best trip ever was the trip with girls to Provence where we drank all the Rose and yeah, I wear my Nike’s when I walk to work, and I’m not afraid to deploy my Princess bubble while traveling).  Plus, her daughter aka mini-me is getting married, so one can barely wait to see those pictures.

Melanie Fontaine A Tale of Wanderlust  Melanie is a bright, young German woman who recently finished up studying a year abroad in Norway.  Prior to that she had spent year of her “high school” career studying in Canada.  She has the heart of a true wanderluster as she just wrapped up an independent tour of South East Asia.  She delights her readers with well thought out posts.  Often she will give well planned itineraries (anyone up for going to Scotland).  So, mosey on over and discover your next adventure be it Norway, Germany, England, Scotland, South East Asia, etc.  Don’t worry she had you covered and she is supper nice.

Heather Goes To Deutschland  Heather, is an American expat living in Germany where she is currently teaching English as a Second Language.  I can easily relate to her and the her love (and frustration at times) with living in Germany.  I can also relate to her as we are both in are thirties and seem to be at a period in our lives where we are reevaluating everything, but doing it with humor !  Want to know what Kindergartners, back packs, and hipsters all have in common, well head on over and let Heather tell you with her mid-western sense of humor.

Cause You Got To Have Faith  Faith.  (Well, there is a name sure would suit me right about now given my current situation to stand as a constant reminder for the days on end when I just can’t get going.)  Have you ever had those days ?  Faced an insurmountable challenge ?  Well, than you need to mosey on over and meet Faith.  First, she comes across as extremely nice – I mean she is a Canadian originally from the Maritimes !  Several years ago her and her best friend moved from the East Coast all the way to Pacific, ie gorgeous Vancouver.  This gal doesn’t mess around when she wants something.  Even more proof that she is a hard worker and determined is the fact that she loss around 100 lbs through sheer hard work and diet.  She is open and honest about her weight loss, struggle, etc.  She truly is an inspiration.  I look towards her blog when I start feeling down that I only lost 43 lbs, blah blah.  (I shouldn’t be so shy and I should email her.)  She also has a great sense humour (spelled Canadian style – which is ticking off my spellchecker), but I get a feeling she inherited that from her dad who occasionally posts on blog.

And last, but not least, the blog that started it all C’est Moi, Sara Louise, formerly Sara in Le Petit Village.  Sara is on a blogging hiatus right now (hopefully it is just a hiatus), but a highly recommend you read through her archives.  Born in New York and raised in New York and Texas only to live for years in her mother’s home country of Ireland, until on a whim of love she moves to France to be with her French Boyfriend, Gregory.  She spoke no French and he spoke no English.  They would end up happily married and Sara documented her priceless adventures in Southern France.  There is a cast of character’s from French Nana, to Mr. & Mrs. London, the Honey’s, and so forth to entertain you for days.  However,  after several years in France Sara has repatriated back to the States and is anxiously awaiting Gregory’s arrival.  (Let’s be honest I am to because they are talking about relocating to the Berkshires, which is New England – my neck of the woods.)  Follow her on Twitter @CestMoiSaraLou or Instagram @cestmoisaralouise , while she is on her blogging hiatus.  Maybe you will be lucky enough to catch the two of us in one of our “hilarious & witty” eighties flashback and political tweets.

My, oh, my I am long-winded.  I must learn to condense.  Although that would not go over in my profession when I return back to work.

So, hopefully you take a mosey on over to some of these blogs that I mentioned.  I really hold them dear to my heart.  They didn’t ask me to write about them, sponsor, etc.  Also, if you are a blogger that I mentioned and you would like me to remove your blog link info from my site, please just send me a message.

Now, onto the rest of my day !  I have only lucky thirteen days until my surgery and it also happens to be the same day Netflix releases all seven season of the Gilmore Girls !  What is going on with the world ?

Words Mogwai Would Approve Of



6 thoughts on “These Bloggers Saved My Sanity While I Was Waiting For A Diagnosis

    • Thank you for all the lovely support, Bailey. It is such a work in a progress. I’m just patting myself on the back that I got a Gizmo gif and Gilmore pic in one epic rant. Now I just got to figure out those side widgets. I think you would love What’s Up, Ya Sieve even though it is a blog about hockey. Those ladies can talk about the sport and find the humor/hotness in the players nationality. (We know there are a lot of Swede’s in the NHL right now.)

  1. Hey there… thanks so much for including me in such a great list of bloggers! I’m happy that we were able to help you with what seems like a rough time. Sometimes it feels like I’m just rambling to myself, so it’s nice to know that it’s helpful for at least a couple of people. 🙂 All the best to you, I’ll be following along, and looking forward to reading about you getting back on your feet!

    • Hi Heather, Apologies for taking so long to get back to you. I just got home after two weeks in NYC for my medical care and than when I came home I just wanted to sleep forever in my own bed ! I don’t think you are rambling to yourself – well, you are at least rambling to me – the person that seldom leaves a comment, but stares forever at the gorgeous views from your hikes, fully agrees that I am in the “Oma” camp when it comes to quiet hours, and I also wonder about how many of those little “pony” kegs the students at my alma mater would go through. Thanks again for stopping by and now that I am home for at least a month maybe I’ll get a bit better at this blogging thing.

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