Trains and Trolls

Written September 30, 2014

 So, I’m typing this on the train. I’m four hours into an eight hour train ride to New York City. It’s been years since I’ve traveled by train. The first forty-five minutes of the ride I thought that I was going to be sick. Amtrak’s Adirondack line sure does hug the banks of Lake Champlain. Let me tell you I never realized what a curvy beauty Samy Champlain is. Pity the lake is named after a man because speeding along in the train at over fifty mph hugging and rocking those curves of the shoreline only to come to abrupt stops makes my mind race with innuendos, especially from my all girl school days.


     I’ve yet to break down and cry over what is about to happen this week.  It could possibly be that I’m distracted by the lovely scenery; big lake, rivers, sailing clubs, apple orchards, corn fields, and beaver dams. Basically ever bloggers fall dream, well except maybe the beaver dams. ( Even my two Canadian readers wouldn’t be impressed by them, but not because they think they weren’t cute rather they have common sense and know how much destruction those big critters can do.)


     Well, beavers be damned.  As the train has now made more stops and I’m less than two hours away from my final destination the cast of characters in the carriage has doubled and diversified.  I must say the only recent doubling and diversification I’ve encountered lately was when I was combining a Pioneer Woman’s recipe and a Paula Deen recipe.  (Trust me, my hips don’t lie.)

     I’m sure  a travel blogger could give this scenic, wear your sports bra, train route a much more fitting post, but alas I am not a travel blogger – hence the need for innuendoes, bad iPad photo, a country lovingly stereotyped with a photo from Pinterest, and successfully wrapping up the topic with my hips.

     At this point I am exhausted, but I feel as though I should write at least a blurb about this topic before the evening is over.  (Please, note that this rant is not in any way directed towards the supportive bloggers that have been offering me amazing words of encouragement.)

     Brief background – I’m not huge on social media and typically used it to just follow companies, news, talented people, etc.  Basically I used it as a way to keep up to date with current events.  Then I discovered blogs and what a diverse cross group of people and information I could about. I could, laugh, cry, travel, be inspired, be crafty (pinfully) all in one blog or in a two dozen.

     My reluctance towards social media primarily comes from my work experience and seeing how easily it can be manipulated and/or destroy parts of one’s life.

     When I found out I had to have surgery and my doctor was recommending a shunt I went into Beast Researcher mode and found this less invasive approach.  My doctor found the study.  We organized the insurance.  I was still short for traveling and out of pocket medical.

     I JUMPED without looking (atypical for me).  I booked a blogging consult and started a blog.  If there was any hope of raising funds for myself and possibly extra for others than I needed to do something just short of drastic as creating a Facebook page right after I ran naked through the town square.  I wrote honestly.  I wrote sarcastically.  I wrote from loneliness.  I wrote as I am !  I’m not sure why I have to justify myself at my age to complete strangers.  (I just don’t have thick skin.)

     I’ve put my best efforts into my newborn blog.  I never professed having technical knowledge or being a social media wizard.  Thus, I took to linking my blog to my Twitter account and to my Pinterest account.  That is when it began.  Only four posts in and the Trolls came out of the wood works.  There were the rude, new Twitter followers, which hurt, but could be dealt with because I could easily block them.

     What surprised me was the rude and nasty messages I got on Pinterest.  First off, I didn’t even know Pinterest had a messaging system.  All it took was one “local” business woman to discover my Adirondack board and my profile. There’s nothing shameful or embarrassing about my boards.  What perturbed me the most was the fact that this woman and a couple other business owners decided to send direct messages with, well, to put it more elegantly than them, was I should get off my *ss, get a job and I would have insurance.  From there it carried on to how I was one of the “drags” on the community and economy.

     Firstly, I’m not going to name these business people.  I think ultimately there attitude will be the determining factor of whether or not their businesses survive.  Secondly, I don’t think they fully read my blog or GiveForward Campaign.  In those I never mentioned not having insurance or not working.  I have pretty decent health insurance, but I have co-pay’s, significant travel expenses, and those silly illness related items like glasses that just aren’t covered by insurance.  I have taken time off from work to prepare and then recuperate.  Before that I admit I was working, but no where’s near full time.  My body and mind just could not handle it.

      Finally, for the troll asking why I wanted to raise so much it is because simply put you will never know what a twenty percent co-pay can look like until you provide your employee’s with health insurance !  (Sorry, readers that will be my only mean spirited comment.). Again, any extra was to help with the travel costs to/from New York City as I will need repeated follow ups and I’d love to give any remaining leftover to other suffering with IIH and needing to travel. Specialists are few and far between.


     When did trolls stop being the loveable toy from my youth ?

     I’m going to be semi-brave and publish this post days after my NYC arrival and hopefully recovering well from surgery, but with enough pain meds to ignore the trolls.  After, that I’m not sure, which direction my little blog should head in.  Maybe a food blogger or swing the opposite end of the spectrum and delete my accounts .  Either way it has been an eye opening experience for the food and the bad.  So strange to find so many comforting voices from states and countries thousands of miles away.


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