Loved By A Golden Retriever I Never Met In Person

Well, so much has happened since my last post, where I was on a train headed to New York city for major surgery.  I tried to keep some of my closest “blog friends” (hey, Bailie) up to date via Twitter and Instagram, but other than that I remained silent as a cricket because I was so overwhelmed physically and emotionally.  Honestly, I still am.

I made it home safe and sound last night after almost twelve hours of travel and slept like a baby because of the perfect combination of a pain pill and my own soft bed.  I am not sure if anyone is at all interested in what happened over the two weeks in New York city, but I’ll recap at a later date when I am feeling a bit better.  There was good and bad, but overall I don’t regret my decision and was delightfully blown away by the Big Apple.

What I would like to ask my handful of readers or any dog lovers out there is to go visit a blog called, Past My Curfew.  Mike recently lost his beloved Golden Retriever, Phoenix – best friend – adventurer – partner in crime, due to cancer.  Mike was the ultimate dog “daddy” who left no stone unturned when it came to getting help for his best friend and Phoenix just seemed to be the most loyal, loving companion in the world.  I only learned of his parting this morning as I was going through my email subscriptions.

What makes the passing of the precious Golden even more sad for me was the generosity that Phoenix and Mike had bestowed upon me.  This past June, Mike & Phoenix held a contest on their blog.  It was a very generous contest.  The prize was $100 for three individual people as well as a $300 donation to Michigan State University in the winner’s name in recognition of the University giving Phoenix an original, clean bill of health.

When I found out I was one of the winners I was ecstatic.  I knew how generous that amount was and even at that time I knew surgery might be in my future, so I was pinching my pennies.  I responded to them how grateful I was and that I would set the funds aside in case I had surgery on the horizon.  That is exactly what I did and it was so appreciated these past two weeks in New York during my medical care.

I never met Mike or Phoenix, but honestly the only thing better than winning the giveaway would have been able to meet Phoenix and get some doggie cuddles & kisses.

Okay, I am an emotional mess now.  So, maybe you might want to pop on over to Mike’s blog and offer your condolences or even more so if you are a dog owner give your fellow furry buddy some extra belly rubs and a nice, new chew toy.


2 thoughts on “Loved By A Golden Retriever I Never Met In Person

    • I just wanted to write a little something when I saw in my feed that Phoenix had passed away. For some reason I have just been an emotional, weepy mess after the surgery, so everything good/bad makes me tear up. I definitely slept like a baby that first night when I got home. It was about an eleven hour travel day, so when I got home I got in my PJ’s and went straight to bed – for 15 hours.

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