One Lovely Blog Award

I still haven’t quite figured out an established pattern or theme for my blog, yet.  (Many apologies to my four loyal readers.)  However, I remembered during a bad bout of insomnia this past Friday that just before my surgery the sweetest southern California gal living in northern Sweden, Bailie, from The Hemborg Wife, had nominated me for The One Lovely Blog Award.  She has been such a great support throughout my whole ordeal (she has got me intrigued enough to add California and Sweden as potential travel destination in the far future.)

     onelovelyblogaward 250 250

     I thought that it would be a lovely way to be productive during this bout of insomnia and answer some pretty unique questions that I probably wouldn’t ever think to write about.

     First, lets see if I can come up with seven unique or random facts about myself.

  1. I have yet to figure out if I am a Millennial or a Gen X’er based on the conflicting birth years constantly being thrown out.  Either way, if you ask me I am far from the typical narcissist of those two groups and I also display the unusual characteristic of a German Oma when it comes to my place being quiet during quiet hours (so not hip, right).
  2. I don’t wear prints and have very little printed linens in my house.  I love crisp, monochromatic color schemes.  Give me all your green, purples, and blues !
  3. Apparently I have a freakishly short inseam to the point that when I shop for pants or jeans I actually have to purchase capri’s in order to get a semi-good fit !  (If anyone knows of a merchant that sells regular jeans with a 25 inch inseam I would love to hear about them.)
  4. I can not sleep without some form of white noise.  In my apartment I have a white noise machine going 24/7 and have been known to turn on the fan in the evenings (even if it is winter and it is minus 33 degree’s outside).
  5. I can suffer from severe panic attacks.  Most people don’t understand them or won’t tolerate them.  Interestingly when I am traveling ny myself I still get the panic attacks, sometimes even worst, but they go by faster and I can carry on with my day and plans.  (I chalk it up to not having to explain my situation for needing a five minute break to dumb people.)
  6. Despite my love of quiet time as much as the next Oma and living in Germany I have never acquired a real taste for beer or any alcoholic beverage for that matter.  I had many awkward conversations over the last couple of weeks with doctors when they asked if my balance felt off as if I was drunk.  I had to reply, “I don’t know, I’ve never been drunk.”
  7. In light of number six’s revelation I now must admit that I was one of those students in school and university who did everything, but socialize and network.  (Yeah, I am paying for that small social network now, but I wonder about how much the people who I went to school with who have 500 Facebook friends are paying as well.  Surely, you can not have that many meaningful relationships.  Voyeuristic, yes, meaningful, no.)

Ahh, now I am on to the part where I answer seven questions about myself that Bailie has given me.

Who or what has inspired you to travel ?  Two fold answer.  First, my grandparents inspired me to travel because they were always up for a good road trip.  Even if that meant driving eight hours across New York State to Niagara Falls, driving all the way from New York to Colorado to visit their youngest daughter, or one of our frequent trips to Charm City – Baltimore, MD.  Second, a handful of high school staff telling me to get out and see the world because they had faith in me.  After that first discussion with them I was using my summer work and baby sitting money to pay for a class spring break to France.  I was hooked on travel !

Backpack or suitcase ?  Backpack if I am only going away for a few days, but anything longer I try to keep it to a small carry suitcase with wheels.  I got to be realistic.  I know I need outfits, but I also know I have nobody to lug the darn thing around for me.  (Side note, I just recently discovered the Red Caps that Amtrak provide for free at Penn Station in NYC are awesome !  Yes, they are free, but seriously they are so awesome and bend over backwards to help you – that you really should give them a tip.)

Song that epitomizes travel for you.  Oh, this is such a tough questions.  I am going to select a few because, well, I am an only child and this is my blog.  I adore the entire “The French Album”, by Celine Dion.  Our bus driver for my spring break trip played this non-stop from Paris to Nice over fourteen days and I still play it on occasions.  Bon Jovi, This Ain’t A Love Song because I remember it being a huge hit the first time I lived in Germany and it always came on the radio during our road trips.  Tim McGraw, Everywhere.  That song got a lot of air play as I drove back and forth to college past the cornfields, lakes, and mountains.  It is just a song that makes me want to hop in a jeep and start heading south or for the coast.  Finally, just give me so good, ole James Taylor.  Take your pick from Country Road, Carolina in My Mind, Mexico, and Something In The Way She Moves.



What period of time would you most like to visit ?  I would most like to visit the late nineties or spring 2009.  Those were the two time I was truly the happiest.

What’s the strangest food that you really want to try ?  I am not really an adventurous eater, but there are a few different types of food that I have been wanting to try that seem to be relatively common.  I would be interested in trying Indian, Thai, and Korean BBQ.  I’ve also always wanted to try oysters, which I think I would have no problem with since I love escargot, mussels, etc.  I lack the confidence to do activities like these on my own, so unless I found a pal or a step by step guide I don’t see them in my foreseeable future.

Beach, mountain, or jungle ?  Definitely not the jungle !  While I desperately want to visit and sail the Greek Isles other than that I am going to choose the mountains.  Mountains that preferably have a lovely cold, stream fed lake close by for swimming.

blue mtn lake 325 32588

Blue Mountain Lake, New York

What is your best piece of travel advice ?  It is probably very cliche, but I realized how true it is later in life.  Simply, travel and have meaningful sex often while you are young.

How do you like to unwind after a long day on the road ?  After I a long day on the road I like to come home to a clean apartment, take a nice shower or bath, and then curl up in bed with a nice playlist from Spotify (perhaps something that reminds me of my recent travel escape because lets face it those post travel depression blues often set in and I like to avoid them for as long as possible.)

bathroom design 300 300

Ahh, why wasn’t I given this bathroom as an upgrade choice for my current place ?

If you had a super power, what would it be ?  Bailie’s answer was awesome and that was to never gain weight.  If that was a super power I might opt for that one as I am definitely an emotional over eater.  Since, she already took the most awesome and most overlooked super power I guess I am going to have to choose another one.  This really shouldn’t be the toughest question.  I think I would choose the power to be not so naive and to be able to more socially adept.  (I am counting that as one super power.).

Now, I get to nominate a few bloggers for this One Lovely Blog Award.  These are a few of the diverse collections of bloggers that I keep on my daily read list and try to read as much as my health allows me.

  1. Miriam, from Farm Girl.  She is a spunky German immigrant who has been living in British Columbia, Canada, I believe for over a decade.   She works in health care and lives in a pretty serene location with a load of furry animals.  She always puts a unique spin on things that makes you want to root for her or contemplate your own life.
  2. Dannielle,from ChicaDeeDee, who is originally from the FInger Lakes Region, of New York, but now lives in England with her partner Adam.  She shares her adventures around the lovely English countryside, day to day life (major milestone of just buying a house *cue applause*, and European travels.  Always a good and she is a perpetual good sport.
  3. Kelly, from Around the World In 80 Pairs of Shoes.  Kelly, is a witty Kiwi who has set up stakes just outside of London.  She is the best at chronicling Afternoon Tea’s in London and around the globe, particularly one’s that are gluten free.  She also gives some great highlights on weekend get away’s from London.  If she ever hops to my side of the pond I making sure we have Afternoon Tea together in NYC or Montreal.  If I go the other way, well will still do Afternoon Tea, but not before I see her entire closet devoted to her shoes and take a ride in her smurf mobile.
  4. Brittany, at One if By Land, Two if By B.  Brittany is lovely woman who has been undergoing some major changes in her life and she seems to handle them so well and with rays of positivity.  If I am correct she has recently loss around 100 pounds.  On top of that she is training for a half marathon, just bought a house with her husband, and works in a child therapeutic setting.  Despite all that she still managed to do a weekly post summarizing 100 days of of happiness !

*Simple rules: Add the One Lovely Blog Award Logo to your post, list seven random facts about yourself, feel free to answer the questions listed, thank the blogger who nominated you, and share the love with some bloggers you think deserve the award.


6 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination Sarah, and for the amazing description of my blog – wow! You are too kind.
    I hope you are doing well? I wish you a speedy recovery and the end of your health woes. Feel better!

    • You are welcome, Miriam. I’ve been a long time reader of your blog, but my eyesight and strength had deteriorated to the point where I was barely commenting on anyone’s blog no matter how much I loved their post, photo’s, etc. I definitely thought you deserved a big shout out because you always keep things real and aren’t following the “typical lifestyle” trend. There can only be so many macron’s and mason jar decorations on the internet.

    • The heaviest thing in my little carry on suitcase was actually my toiletry bag. How pathetic is that ? I know I was packing for at least two weeks, but it’s not like I was going someplace where there wouldn’t be a drugstore on the corner to pick up something to hold me over. Ugh, I am slowly learning I am living up to my name and I can be a bit of a princess.

  2. I figured out that I’m a tail end Gen X’er, which makes me old, but not a Millennial, which would actually make me feel older because I’d be lumped with all of these young whippersnappers! 😉

    • I think I am really borderline, like had I been born a month later I be a genuine Millennial. I remember being in Headstart with the original Apple computer, but I also remember the Clinton “golden years”. Talk about split personalities. As if I needed a reason to love you more you go and use the word “whippersnappers”. Tell me use words like malarkey and oops a daisy !

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