Celebrate Yourself and Save Your Sanity – Wellness Wednesday

Well, another late night rolling into morning.  It seems this insomnia and pain combination has me whipped or have the sleep cycle of a five month old.  (I am silently praying for the sleep cycle of a five month old because that means that I will grow out of shortly and naturally.)

One promise I made to myself I made last year just after my birthday was that from then on out I was going to start celebrating my birthday’s and holidays whether or not I was alone.  Up until that point I went almost two decades without celebrating anything.  It is not that I did not want to or that I grew up not celebrating these events, but by the time I was in my late teens my family was gone.  Often that meant for me just another day with the exception of not having to go to school or work.

It is no exaggeration to say that I have been on an emotional roller coaster for the past couple of years.  The lack of interaction with people,the loss of a loved one, the length of time it took to get a proper diagnosis, and then the surgery all took a solid toll on me.  However, in the back of my mind I still had that promise, which I made to myself.  I also believe now that even the littlest things that you can do to treat yourself is a way to save your sanity.

Well, with those 3 3/4 days to stew on before surgery I had a little time to plan how I was going to celebrate.

     Did I mention that the day of my surgery was also my birthday.  Yeah, double whammy.  That also meant that whatever I ate had to be really good because come midnight I could no longer eat or drink.  There is also no such thing as a 100% guaranteed surgery, especially since the surgery I was to have is still in its infancy.  That was when I decided to to devote Sunday to finding a tasty sweet to fill in as my birthday cake and partial dinner (I was operating on a strict budget).

     Anyways, armed with my map and quarters for the bus I headed for a beacon of the lifestyle blogger.  Otherwise known as Laduree.  I wanted to find out what all the fuss was over these macaron’s as I have never had any type of confection like these before.

                              laduree storefront 850           laduree front 2 850

     Success on the first try.  Although I have to admit that the ladies working in the store can be kind of intimidating.  (Side note – I don’t think they are aware that they are not the only ones that can speak French.  Of course moi, did not speak up.  If I did it probably would have corrected them in German.)

     Treats in hand I headed back to the hotel.  Straight up to the room for me where I promptly cued up Netflix and reheated the previous nights dinner of Chicken Parmigiana, bread, and freshened the salad.  (I’m still not sure how that restaurant stays in business selling such good food with large portions and low prices.  If I remember correctly the place was called Nick’s.)

  Anyways, after eating a bit of a hot meal like good adult I decided to give the sweets a go and see if they lived up to the hype.

                             raspberry tarte 450         macarons

     I choose the Tarte Passion Framboise, which has a sweet pastry crust filled with passion fruit cream, and is topped with the sweetest raspberries that I have ever tasted.  I also picked up some of the highly raved about macarons in a few different varieties.  I liked them.  The salted caramel and lemon were my favorite, but I would never go out of my way again to get them or spend the money on them.  They just are not worth it in my opinion.  (Have lifestyle bloggers not heard of Cheddar Bay Biscuit’s  They are free and unlimited with a purchase of any entree.)  Now that tarte, well that was absolutely heaven wrapped in a pink box and at a price point that not even The Outback could compete with.  That tarte lingers in my dreams and was the best impulse buy ever !

  I rounded out the night before surgery my surgery staring at the East River, listening to the Gilmore Girl’s as white noise, and feeling a little bit satisfied with myself that I decided to give myself one day to take care of me on things I would consider indulgences or to celebrate just another day.  It can be a constant battle to remind one’s self that they are worth it when the chips are down.  I just regret that I am realizing it at such a late stage in life.

soul happy 390

     The above picture was a great find on Pinterest.  It really is true that you need to take time to find what makes you happy.  I needed a few days despite how miserable physically and emotionally I was feeling to remember I was capable of traveling solo and smiling randomly.  Who is to say that that little bit of happiness and confidence boost didn’t help me pull through surgery easier.

  If you have any suggestions for Wellness Wednesday’s I would love to hear them.  If you have any questions about my surgery or Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension please feel free to ask me and I will try to answer your question the best I can.  I do not want to where you out on that topic, but that is the only health issue that I have had to study/deal with for over a year.

  I still currently have my GiveForward Campaign.  It has yet to have a successful launch most likely because of my small social network.  I post updates on my IIH and doctor visits in the hopes of attracting visitor’s as well.  It can be found at the above highlighted link.


4 thoughts on “Celebrate Yourself and Save Your Sanity – Wellness Wednesday

    • It is really hard for most to fathom that I haven’t celebrated holidays or my birthday for almost twenty years. Only once until this past one. Before than life was in the way. Now I feel the pressure for the holidays that are approaching, ugh (type A). I did end up getting another one of those tarte’s before I left. I wish I could mail order them !

  1. Treats and Gilmore girls if a perfect way to celebrate. Gilmore Girls is hands down my favorite show ever. I have never had macaroons, and I’m very curious about them. They are not very popular here in the South, so maybe next time I’m in a bigger city that will be on the agenda!

    • Gilmore Girls has always been my fave, so I was excited to know that the entire series was going to be on Netflix at the beginning of October. That has allowed me to binge watch it as I’ve been recovering from surgery. I’ve had the American version of macaroons, which are kind of similar to what I picked up in NYC. The NYC ones were French and much fancier. They still used coconuts and egg whites, but it also consisted of almonds and everything was ground to a fine powder. They were good, but like I said not enough to go out of my way again good (the tarte I bought was well worth it -I’ve never had anything like it and I don’t think I could make it). I’ll stick with the American version – plus they are simple to make (five pantry ingredients if you follow the food network’s recipe) !

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