Falling In Love With A Frenchman & Catching A Case Of Wanderlust

It was 1995 (please don’t do the math trying to figure out how old I am -thanks in advance) and it was a year set to be a year of many firsts.  My small town high school had fund raised and some us (including me) had thrown in our summer work money for what was set to be the best adventure (as of our yet brief life).  A spring break in France !  Two jam packed weeks of seeing Paris, Provence, the Cote d’Azur, and even a little venturing into Italy and Switzerland.

The first few days were packed with so much excitement and touring of Paris that jet lag had no chance of catching up with any of us – not even our bickering chaperones.

Eiffel Tower 1st day

     After Paris we packed up to begin our journey down into Provence for the remaining segments of our tour. Initially in Paris we had an Irish tour guide, but while he was nice I think we got stuck with the one Irish man with no charm.  (Or he might have been intimated by the fourteen teenage girls in our group.  If that was the case I don’t blame him.)  Some one with their wits about them had the foresight before we began our journey to Provence to have a French tour guide accompany the Irish guide with us for the remainder of the trip.

Swoon.  Now do that collectively for the other thirteen girls and three female teacher/chaperones who were middle age.  This man had charm and panache. More so he had je ne sais quoi.  Yes, Sebastien was the epitome of je ne sais quoi (for 1995).

Sebastien & I Nice

     Ahh, those remaining eleven days felt like an eternity and that there was an adventure to be had around every corner.  From the simple pleasure of strolling a village market, walking along the shores of the Mediterranean, and even dancing the night away at a discotheque.  (Do people still use the word discotheque ?)  I am not sure why Sebastien choose to befriend me out of all of the others present, but I am forever glad that he did.  I learned the simple pleasures of a picnic in a lovely park, that I could step out of my comfort zone to dance the night away, and more importantly he was the first to tell me I was shy, but not at all quiet.

  Oops, sorry I think we are missing some mood music. Let me fix that to one of Sebastien and mine favorites.

Sebastien & I Monaco

     It was an amazing eleven days and ten nights.  Although I never saw Sebastien again in person I can not say that he has not frequently crossed my mind.  Especially if I am setting off on a new adventure or getting acquainted with another man named Sebastien (yes, there are some blessings in disguise living next to Quebec).

     Besides becoming absolutely smitten with Sebastien it was at this time I would awaken a little spirit inside me that eternally craves to travel.  The wanderbug !  If you catch it you can never get rid of it!

     Which is why barely more than two months after returning from the spring adventure I set off for another of many.  This time it would be living abroad in Germany as an exchange student.  Did I mention I spoke no German ?

schuster reunion222

     I am linking this post with the lovely Emma from Adventures of a London Kiwi.  Along with some other amazing bloggers such as Kelly from Around The World In 80 Pairs of Shoes and Rebecca from Run A Way Kiwi.


8 thoughts on “Falling In Love With A Frenchman & Catching A Case Of Wanderlust

    • Thanks for stopping by, Emma ! I loved this link up that you and your fellow Kiwi bloggers offered. It took me down memory lane for sure.
      The hardest part wasn’t writing the post, but figuring out how to get those 35mm printed images loaded unto my laptop !
      Without that struggle I could have written so much more, but I think I’ll save those words for Quebecois Sebastien.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Dannielle. It really is amazing how one trip taken with the French Club during high school on a whim completely changed my perspective and path in life. I still can’t get over how we both look like we were practically babies in our posts for this link up !

    • Yes, those pictures definitely “date” me. Sebastien was a wonderful tour guide and we had so many adventures. I should write more in depth about them sometime. Definitely some good times and good miscommunications were had !

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